West End ArtsHour

Performing Arts Lodge Theatre

Exploring ideas for creative experiences during Culture Day, September 27, 28 & 29.

Launch the idea of creating an ArtsHour which would take place every Thursday evening in Vancouver’s West End neighbourhood. The idea would bring together businesses already demonstrating an interest in creating a place for artists and creative contributors to present, perform, and create for the community to explore, experience, and enjoy in the neighbourhood.

Community contributors like Rhoedde House and Gordon Neighbourhood House who are creating opportunities for the community to explore and experience in community places and spaces.

ArtsHour creates a community festival showcasing community artists each week at the same time in different venues introducing residents and visitors the opportunity to experience different creative experiences in different venues to become a regular part of community life and a regular part of the life of people interested in exploring new creative experiences.

The Bunker Project, for example, at the Barclay Hotel happens every other Wednesday bringing together people interested in learning about podcasting and talking about the latest trends in technology and social media. It is a way to get the West End community excited about venturing out every week and getting to know one another and who is who in the neighbourhood.

The West End could become known as the place to be on a Thursday night, a place to explore a diversity of creative experiences. The West End ArtsHour is about the unexpected – where the artist gets the opportunity to do something new, out of the box and collaborate with other creative people around new, innovative ideas and to engage the community.

The West End Arts Hour could be a start of exciting interest in our arts, culture, and creative contributors and creating connections and creative relationships with and for our community businesses, community contributors, and community residents.

What we can do

We can identify the community businesses and community groups who are already providing opportunities for our community to explore and enjoy creative experiences and creating connections for our artists and creative contributors. For example, the Coast Hotel exhibits paintings by local artists and The Park at the Sands Hotel features live concerts.

We can begin imagining the kind of events that could become ArtsHour experiences to excite interest, ideas, and conversation about what we could do, and who could be interested, and who could benefit from becoming part of the ArtsHour idea as a creative community enterprise.

We can give the musicians, dancers, writers, poets, actors, artists, and arts presenters who live or work in the West End the opportunity to express their interest in presenting, performing, or creating an experience during ArtsHour, and what they would like to do, and what kind of event they would like to be part of creating, and what they would need to create the experience.

We can identify vacant or underused spaces and places in the neighbourhood that could become an ArtsHour venue for the community to use for staging creative experiences and explore who could be interested in becoming a presenter or in hosting an ArtsHour experience.

We can imagine how we can make ArtsHour work as a creative community enterprise giving artists and creative contributors the ability to create connections and excite interest and appreciation for the creative experience and the art of creating.

We can take the idea of the book club to a whole new creative level.